• Grupo Halder
  • Platos de montaje
  • Pasadores y posicionadores
  • Tecnodin is a distributor of the Company Halder, a Company with more than 80 years of experience and a high level of quality that, with its extensive range of Products, allows it to respond quickly and efficiently to market demands.
    Among these Products we find:
    • • Standardized Elements, with more than 10,000 items according to DIN/ISO and factory standards. Elements for machinery, clamping and maneuvering elements.
    • • Fixing Systems and Clamping Elements for modular assemblies such as drilling systems, slot systems, combined parts, multiple jaw systems and other centering and locking elements.
    • • Versatile professional tools. Simplex Hammers, Long Hammers, Baseplex Hammers, Non-Bounce Hammers, Maxxcraft Hammers, Ferroplex Hammers and Forestry Tools such as Mallets, Axes and Wedges.
    • • Aeronautical Products. Ball pins according to aviation regulations.